SATURDAY AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: The Body On The Barstool by Lolli Powell


BarstoolBodyNew Yorker Erica “Ricki” Fontaine’s n’er-do-well uncle has dropped dead and left her a dive bar in a small Ohio River town. With a lousy apartment, less-than-promising job prospects, and even worse romantic ones, the inheritance comes at just the right time. Ricki packs up her cat and heads for the Buckeye State.

Now she’s trying to change the Top Shelf from a bar known for its Friday night fights into the kind of drinking establishment where you can bring your granny. But finding her ex-husband dead on a barstool at opening time one morning just might put a kink in those plans.

I absolutely enjoyed reading The Body On The Barstool by Lolli Powell a.k.a Laurel Heidtman. It had the three things I feel make a great book: humor, mystery, and a little romance. I instantly fell in love with the main character Ricki. Her sarcastic humor and ability to think about the most inappropriate things at the worst possible times made me smile and think of my own sarcastic personality. Besides the fact that the author kept me laughing the whole time, she also kept me curious and intrigued with wanting to know who killed her ex-husband. I even became invested in the somewhat love triangle between Ricki, Detective Gabe Russell, and reporter Logan Parker (team Gabe all the way) and I’m not a mushy romance kind of girl. This is a great weekend read to cozy up with, a lot of twists and turns and an unexpected killer. I can’t wait to get into the next book in the Top Shef Mystery series.


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