SATURDAY AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Gregory and the Grimbockle by Melanie Schubert


GrimbockleThis is a tale about another world within our own.

It’s a world of mysterious magical devices, cockroach steeds and the invisible threads that connect all of humanity.

This is the tale of Gregory and the Grimbockle.

Gregory is a young boy of ten who thinks he must be the most unfortunate boy who ever lived. He barely has any friends and is the object of jokes and jabs from his, often disagreeable sister. If that isn’t bad enough, poor young Gregory has recently developed an enormous and most peculiarly shaped mole beneath his nose.

Imagine Gregory’s surprise when he finds out that his mole is not just a mole, but is actually a humpy crumpy portal of skin that hides a creature called the Grimbockle.

What is the Grimbockle? A very fine question, indeed.

The Grimbockle is just one of the many strange little creatures called Bockles tending to the mysterious threads that connect all humans from one to the other. It is a very important job, and one that has long been carried out with incredible secrecy. That is before this one particular night and a most extraordinary turn of events.

Thus begins a most peculiar sort of adventure where Gregory learns all about the creatures called Bockles and the mysterious threads called exoodles that connect us all to one another.


I am not one to look for children’s books to read and review but when I received an email from the author Melanie Schubert to review her book Gregory and the Grimbockle, I thought it would be a good book to read with my kids. I can honestly say that I was very invested in the story as much as my kids and they made sure I didn’t miss a night of reading. I read one chapter a night to make the story last a little longer, but after a while I decided to read ahead because I really wanted to know what happened next(Shh…they still don’t know I did). This was fun, sweet, and inspiring book about how we all connect to one another (literally). Once I finished it really had me thinking about my own bonds and connections with all the people in my life and how I can make them better. It’s a great book about love and friendship, something everyone young and old can learn from.


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