Hey guys!

So as you can tell I’ve been doing a pretty horrible job posting reviews on a regular basis. I’ve been crazy busy trying to keep up with kids, work, emails, and finding time to read. Hopefully I can get my organizing skills working again. So to keep myself focused and on task I decided to have a Saturday Author Spotlight. Since I’ve been receiving A LOT of emails from authors wanting me to read their books, I wanted to give them their own day! Every Saturday I will post a review from a new or unknown author that’s trying to get their book out there and have them in the spotlight for the whole week until the next Saturday. These post will of course, have a review on the author’s book but could also include a Q&A, cover reveal, a guest post, or anything else I can think of to help promote their book. There are some great authors out there that deserve a chance to be heard and have their books read. And I’m always up for suggestions on how I can make my blog better for readers and authors alike, so don’t be afraid to shoot me an email!


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