Audra just wants to reach california. She’s finally found the strength to flee her abusive husband and make a fresh start for her two children. With little Sean and Louise in tow, she has carefully made her way across the country, taking back roads and avoiding attention.

So when an unsettling local sheriff pulls her over in the middle of the Arizona desert, Audra works to hide her nerves and keep calm. She has to. But then he pulls a bag of drugs she;s never seen before out of her trunk, and nervousness turns into panic. She thinks the worst has happened.

Unfortunately, she’s wrong. The worst is yet to come.


“Please,” she said, unable to keep the quiver from her voice. “I’ve done everything you said. I’ve been cooperative. Please tell me where my children are.”

Whiteside held her gaze.

“What children?” he asked

How two words can become a mother’s worst nightmare. All Audra Kinney wanted to do was keep her kids safe. But when she gets pulled over and arrested by a small town sheriff, her whole world takes a turn for the worst. Once Audra is at the sheriff’s station and behind bars she asks again where her children are and is taken back by the sheriff’s statement, saying that there were no children in the car when he pulled her over. Now accused of harming and possibly killing her children and hiding their bodies, Audra desperately tries to tell the FBI who have now come in to investigate that she is not the one they should be after. But with her troubled past it seems no one will believe a word she says. So is she telling the truth or is she what everyone thinks she is? A killer.

I could not put this book down! As a mother of two children who are actually the same age as the children the book right now, I was on an emotional rollercoaster. Haylen Beck (aka Stuart Neville) did an absolutely wonderful job telling the story. I felt as if I knew the characters personally and was right there with them. I found myself crying with Audra and also screaming with her and at her saying “No! You’re not crazy! Snap out of it!”. I also thought a lot about my own children and wondered how far I would go to save them. This is a definite must read.

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