Just Another Week In Suburbia by Les Zig


4 / 5 Stars  Publish Date: 9/1/17

Casper Gray goes to bed a happily married man. He wakes up questioning whether everything is a lie.

Life in suburbia holds few surprises for Casper. He and his wife Jane are still trying for a baby after seven years. His neighbours have their quirks to be navigated. And his job as a high school teacher, while satisfying, comes with its challenges.

Every day is much like the one before – that is, until Casper makes a discovery that threatens everything he knows.

As Casper’s fears grow into obsessions, his world starts to unravel.

Just Another Week in Suburbia is a story about love, trust, and insecurity, and the question of whether you can ever really know another person.

I must admit, when I first started reading this book I didn’t know what to think of it. My first thought was ‘oh great, this whole book is going to be about a guy complaining about his boring life’. And usually with books like that I tend to toss them aside from boredom, but something about it kept me intrigued.

Casper is just your average Joe. He has a beautiful wife, decent job and a great suburban community that he lives in. The book follows Casper through what was suppose to be just another normal week but one day he finds something that starts a domino effect of disasters for him and what he thought was his perfect life. By the end of the book you’ll be rooting for one of two outcomes but will be surprised by what actually does happen.

The more I read the more invested I became in the character. I feel as though Les Zig made this book less about the storyline and more about getting people to think. By the time you finish this book you will be questioning everything. Whether it’s about your own relationships, career, or even general happiness. So if you’re looking for a book that makes you think, Just Another Week In Suburbia is definitely a book you need to pick up for your September collection.

**All reviews are of my own opinion

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